Please remember that all the items we carry have been previously owned and nearly all show gentle signs of wear. Unless otherwise stated, they may not be in absolutely flawless condition. We include as many pictures as we can, and will gladly answer any questions you might have. Please inspect the item carefully and pay particular attention to the sizes and measurements. We tag all our products with “Excellent,” “Very Good,” “Good,” and “Fair.” Vintage products will explicitly say they are vintage and may show many signs of wear.

Each listed condition may have some or all of the following signs of wear:


Very few signs of wear, may still look new.

  • Interior: tiny, light to no marks
  • Hardware: few to no blemishes
  • Handle: faint to no wear
  • Exterior: very little to no wear

Very Good

Small signs of wear, but not very noticeable.

  • Interior: Some surface wear
  • Hardware: Mild tarnishing or plating wear
  • Handle: Very mild surface wear
  • Exterior: Faint marks, mild edge or corner wear


Signs of wear, somewhat noticeable.

  • Interior: Possible stains or creases
  • Hardware: Scratches, some tarnishing or plating wear
  • Handle: Some surface wear or discoloration, small scuffs
  • Exterior: Surface wear, low structure wear, low edge wear or corner wear, light creasing


Shows signs of previous use, but still acceptable.

  • Interior: Small stains or creases
  • Hardware: Scratches, tarnishing or plating wear
  • Handle: Surface wear or discoloration, scuffs or creases easily spotted
  • Exterior: Noticeable wear or discoloration, structure wear, edge or corner wear, creasing


We measure all our bags ourselves.

graphic showing what is L, W, and H.

LuxExchange measures purses for Length, Width, Height, and handle Drop.